Shrimp Cole slaw salad recipe.



The great season of Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour is here again. Christmas is a season of joyy and happiness, hence it is celebrated with a variety of inviting dishes. Today, we are gonna learn to prepare a tasty, nutritious and mouth watering dish called grilled shrimp and salad. Well, I. Saw this in a This Day tabloid and thought to share.

We all know how great vegetables are as many studies have endorsed their healthful contributions to fitness, immunity and general health.
This nutritious food is rich in protein, selenium, vitamins A, C, D and E; Vitamins B12, iron, phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, zinc, copper, magnesium and fiber. Why not use this nutrition dish to mark Christmas and spend the new years with pleasant memories on mind and palate. What’s more, all the ingredients are easily accessible in supermarkets and health food shops!!
For the Shrimp:
Shallots (peeled and chopped) 2
Fresh ginger (peeled and chopped) 1 piece
Garlic (smashed). 4 cloves
Soy sauce (low sodium). 3/4 cup
Fresh Lime Juice. 1/2 juice of 3 limes
Honey. 2 table spoons
Green onion. 1 medium size
Sesame oil. 1/4 cup
Ground black pepper. 1/4 teaspoon
Large shrimps (peeled). 1/2 kilo

For the Salad:
Ingredients. Quantiities
Cabbage. 1 medium size
Carrot. 3 medium sizes
Onion. 1 medium size
Chopped almonds. 1/4 cup
Red bell pepper (sliced). 1 medium size
Ramen noodle soup mix (any flavour). 1 package
Orange (deseeded). 2 medium sizes
Fresh spinach vegetable. 1 medium size
For the Salad Dressing
Ingredients. Quantities
Extra virgin olive oil. 2 teaspoons
Rice vinegar. 3/4 cup
Honey. 1/2 tablespoon
Salt. To taste
Pepper (ground). 1/2 teaspoon
Method of Preparation
*Place shallots, ginger, garlic, soy, lime juice and honey in a blender and blend until smooth.
* Add the green onion and oil and blend
*Season with black pepper to taste
* place shrimp in a large bowl, pour the marinade over and let marinate at room temperature for 20 minutes.
* Using skewers, grill shrimp over medium heat for 2-3 minutes per side.
*Remove from heat when shrimps are no longer opaque.
Method of Preparation (Salad)
*Break up Ramen noodles in bag before opening.
*Discard seasoning packet from soup package.
*Add noodles and all remaining salad ingredients.
*Whisk dressing ingredients into a small bowl.
*Pour over salad using tongs, toss salad until the dressing is evenly distributed.
Great, now you are done, go treat yourself to a sly, mouth seducing tummy price. You deserve it!
Culled From: This Day Newspaper, December 20th, 2014.
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