Latest Research on The Health Benefits of The Water Melon



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Hmmm, Lovely. Despite the popular belief that water melon is made up of only water and sugar (well, IT IS 90% water and mostly sugar), it is actually a nutrient dense food that is high in vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants with low amount of calories. And have u heard that EVERT SINGLE PART OF THE FRUIT IS EDiBlE?
Well, Let’s delve straight into d health benefits without much ado!
1.) Asthma Prevention: watermelon is high in vitamin c, whic is aa huge asthma antagonist!
2.) Blood Pressure: A study published ds year by the American Journal of Hypertension found that watermelon extract supplementation reduced blood pressure, brachial blood pressure as well as carotid wave reflection in obese middle aged adults with pre-hypertension.
3.) Prostate Cancer: ooooh, men get in here.. yes, I said it!, Lycopene intake has been linked with a reduced risk of prostate cancer. The high anti oxidant level of d fruit also does same for other types of cancers.
4.) Skin: and for the ladies, vit. A in watermelon encourages sebum production and keeps hair moisturized. Vit. A also aids growth of all body tissues including skin and hair!
Adequate intake of vit. C (21 % in watermelon) helps in building and maintenance of collagen, which provides structure to skin and hair.
5.) Muscle Soreness: Recent studies show that watermelon helped in muscle soreness and reduced recovery time of athletes. Researchers believe this is due to the amino acid L- citrulline contained in watermelon.
6.) Inflammation: Choline in watermelon helps our bodies in sleep, muscle movement, LEARNING and MEMORY!.. it also helps in absorption of fat and reduces chronic inflammation.
7.) Water melon seeds are HIGH IN PROTEIN! ( 30.6g), have a high arginine content which regulates heart pressure and treats coronary heart disease. It is also quite high in B vitamins esp. Riboflavin, pantothenic acid and folate, niacin. Its mineral profile is also off the charts!. Nw before u go munching off raw seeds, chill..roasted watermelon seeds taste delicious, esp if u salt them a little, YUMS!
Well, u guys know the terms of moisture content and fibre benefits of fruits in general.

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Water melon contains 43 Kcals/100g!!, vitamins A, C, B12, B2, B1, B3,B6,Iron and calcium, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese…pheww, do I go on?
My God there are countless ways to munch this wonderful fruit,
1.) You could use in your fruit salad in beautiful cubes,
2.) Watermelon could be blended with some pineapple or mango and taken as a thick pulp delight!..
3.) Blend watermelon with strawberry (if u can find any) , add milk and serve!..
4.) Watermelon Yoghurt
1.) Watermelon,

2.) 2/3 cup Skimmed milk
3.) 2 drops Vanilla flavour
4.). Tinge of honey
Blend edible portion of watermelon with skimmed milk, flavor and tinge of honey to homogenize. Chill and enjoy.

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Their refreshing sweet taste and quality, if served cold especially, helps to combat the heat and provide a guilt free, low maintenance dessert, so do urself a favour and drop that ice cream!
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