The Right Way to Shave



Take a hot shower or wash your face with warm water. A hot shower with frequent face scrubbing will cleanse your pores more thoroughly than splashing water on your face a few times, but sometimes the snooze button wins that morning time struggle. Use soap and warm water if you’re washing your face. This will soften the hair and remove any grime or bacteria that clogs pores and leads to bumps.
This also opens the pores and cleanses the skin (it has to be warm, though). Not only will you be working to eliminate the bumps, you’ll get a closer, cleaner shave, too.

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Cleanse your skin:
Cleanse your skin with a cleanser to get rid of any excess dirt & oil on your face before you shave.
How to Prevent Razor Bumps:
When men shave, they take part in a time-honored tradition of hygiene and grooming as far back as prerecorded history. Most of us learned to shave from our fathers, uncles, or older brothers, who themselves passed the ritual down through countless generations. Along the way, we may have picked up some bad habits or methods that don’t work on our skin. If you are having trouble with bumps, burns, or irritation while shaving, follow these instructions for healthier, smoother skin.

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A.) You can shave in the shower by showering for at least 5 minutes with warm water to both cleanse your face and soften up your facial hairs before shaving or
B.) You can place a rag soaked in warm water on your face for 5 minutes to soften up your facial hairs and after you’ve softened up your hairs by using shaving cream, showering or using a warm rag…

2. Use shaving cream:
Use a shaving cream (or a moisturizer) on your face and let the shaving cream sit on your face for at least 1 minute before you start shaving so you can soften up your facial hair for a smoother shave or if you don’t have shaving cream.
You can now start shaving but when you shave…
A.) Shave with the grain and not against the grain.
B.) Use shorter strokes when you shave instead of longer strokes to prevent you from pressing down TOO HARD on your skin so you won’t get razor burn.
C.) Make sure rinse your blade out after every few strokes to get rid of any shaving cream, hair and dead skin because shaving with a clogged up razor could lead to cuts.
D.) You only need to shave each area of your face or body ONCE but for a closer shave, you could shave twice by shaving ONCE with the grain and then ONCE again against the grain but if you do that;
I.) Make sure you place more shaving cream on your face before shaving again against the grain and although you’ll get a closer shave going against the grain.
II.) You increase your chances of getting razor cuts,razor bumps and ingrown hairs so be careful.

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III.) If you have a problem shaving with a regular razor then it’s best that you shave with an electric razor.
Using an Electric Razor
A.) You want the hairs on your face to be dry & stiff so the blades of the electric razor can cut the hairs off much easier so unlike shaving with a razor.
B.) You don’t want to wet or moisturize your face with shaving cream before shaving.
C.) You can dry out your skin even more by using apre shave alcohol based lotionto really help dry out all the oils in your skin to make your hairs stand up straight for easier shaving but
D.) Don’t use any alcohol based lotions if you have dry skin.
E.) Begin shaving your face with the electric razor with the grain.
F.) Don’t press the electric razor down hard into face just gently glide the electric razor over your face so it can cut your hairs for you.
G.) After you shave you can wash off any of the preshave lotion if it’s still there and then you can moisturize your face and be sure to keep your electric razor clean and to also replace the blades once they get dull.

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Use the right kind of razor when shaving
*Always Use New sharp razors when you shave and throw out your old blunt razors that will cause more cuts and razor burn .
*Use a new razor after every 2-to-3 shaves or at least use a new shaving razor once a week.
*Always clean off your razors after shaving to make your razors last longer.
*Place your blades in a container of alcohol to keep them clean and sharp so they won’t irritate your skin as much.

After you shave;
*Rinse off your face with cool water to make sure you have completely removed any remaining hair and shaving cream and then…
*You can use anon-astringent (or alcohol free) aftershave, toner or soothing cream to soothe your skin to prevent redness (razor burn) and further irritation
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