Kelloggs Cornflakes and Chastity.


Your Breakfast and Your Fertility

John Harvey Kellogg was a practicing physician, a celebrated surgeon, a successful entrepreneur, an author, a man of strong principles, and one of the most accomplished health reformers of his time.
Now, Kellogg was obsessed with chastity and constipation. True to his principle, he never made love to his wife. To remedy masturbation, he advocated circumcision without anesthetic for boys and mutilation of the clitoris with carbonic acid for girls. He blamedd constipation for “nymphomaniaa” in girls and lust in boys, because “impacted stools inside ones rectum were stimulating the prostate gland and vagina in girls into sexual proclivity”.
His prescription was a coarse vegetarian diet, one to three ounces of bran daily and paraffin oil with every meal. As any nutritionist would tell you, the decline of libido, functional impotence and infertility are among the very first symptoms of chronic protein deficiency common among vegetarians. For similar reasons, monks and nuns use this to suppress sexual desire.
The rational behind paraffin oil was different. Because all that fiber in the Kelloggs diet caused large stools and hemorrhoidal disease, the oil served as a laxative stimulant and lubricant to ease of straining, anal lacerations and pain. As with any drug, you gain some, you loose some more; Constant anal leakage was one of paraffin oils immediate side effects, more serious, it was washing out already meagre fat soluble vitamins, Vitamins A, D, E and K from the intestines which caused blindness, infertility, birth defects, immune disorders, diabetes, cancer, osteomalacia (soft bones) and hemophilia (inability of blood to clot).
So if you are going for fertility and virility, I suggest you cut down on the Kelloggs Corn Flakes and associated cereals, because his original recipe is still in use (Hence the name), all that changed is the addition of sugar and flavors.
I never knew it, but it seems Soy does same harm. I’d look into that and bring a verified confirmation accross soon. Thank you

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