Weight Loss Counselling

Over years, the process of losing
weight seemed to be an enigma to lots of folks. This is certainly not because it is an impossible task (I am definitely a living proof) but the lack of or the inadequate knowledge of the weight lose know-how,and lack of dedication and discipline on the part of the person who wishes to lose weight. Besides the health risks of being overweight which include Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer etc., it does no good to one’s confidence-blame the society structure. Apply  to embark on a fruitful weight loss journey.
Benefits include;

  • 3-week weight loss plan
  • available and  affordable dishes would be used in the dietary plan
  • constant follow-up by the dietitian
  • continuous/life-time meal planning
  • Over-the air(On the phone) consultation/advice

A 3-week weight loss meal plan would be drawn for you after a consultation fee of 5,000naira  has been paid, and a consequent payment of 2,000naira every 2 weeks for further weight loss and maintenance dietary consultation and counseling.
To get started, pay the sum of  5,000naira into either of the following accounts, DOWNLOAD;
consultancy form HERE, fill in your  correct details and send the form to