“You’re fat! Yikes! That word in our days sounds so demeaning and you can be arrested for it now.

So, how do relate with someone who is abundant? Tell them out rightly, or just leave them alone?

On the other hand,  how do you live with side talks about your weight ?

Well, lets see what this article talks about body positivity:

We live in times where social media totally determines almost everything. The standards are high, and people tend to go by it, like it’s a law book. Jeez! Social media now dictates what type of body is the best type, and this therefore leads to all sorts of cyber bullying and low self-esteem.

This was the reason for the “body-positivity” movement.

Body positivity is the movement that challenges how society and media view people based on their size and body type. This movement seeks to push for the acceptance of all body sizes and types, and help each individual love their body and feel comfortable in it.

This goes for every type of body size, be it slim, thick, or big.

Body image has to be first seen and appreciated by the owner, and not how the outside world sees it. That’s your first start. How you feel about your body size counts a lot, it needs to be viewed from a positive perspective, before you even decide to work on it if need be.

Body image positivity is important because it helps build self-esteem and better mental health.

Having a negative body image can lead to low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, self-harm, mood disorders.
Follow these steps if you want to start practising body positivity:

• Start off by loving yourself. Number one way is to make a list of your favourite things about yourself, and make positive daily affirmations about yourself.
• I know you have favourite outfits, but do away with them and get new ones.
• Practice self-care; rest well, get gifts for yourself etc.
• For your sanity, stay away from Twitter unless you have the mind.
• Surround yourself with positive friends, and unfollow any social media accounts or “influencers” that fixate on dieting, weight loss, and body shaming.

No one should have to feel bad or apologise about their body types, no one should ever feel like they don’t fit into society because of their shape. You’re beautiful in that skin, own it!.
You can love your body and still want to stay healthy while putting it on; but without the guilt and shame that comes with having that body size or shape.

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