Lol, okay I know this is aa very vain and unlikely subject, but please don’t judge me; everyone has his own problems and believe it this is it for some people!. So much so that some of you, yes YOU locate local vendors of the stuff in Lag (well, I don’t know how they do it), but you manage to come out with pink lips. I have a feeling it has to do with a chemical that washes away the epidermis of the lips, leaving the underlying layer, anyhow that’s story for another day.
It’s quite easy to gain acceptance and worm your way into anybody’s heart with a lovely smile, now pink lips don’t only make you look incredibly attractive but also brightens the smile.

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Dark lips can occur because of different reasons including humid temperatures, exposure to direct rays of the sun, stress, low blood circulation, failing to remove lipstick, using low quality cosmetics, smoking, using too much fluoride, chemotherapy, chewing tobacco, illness, weather, dehydration , a hectic lifestyle and others.
If you want your lips to stay naturally pink, you must give them the proper care. Now I’m going to tell you how you can have dreamy lips straight off your kitchen and bathroom cabinet. Trust me the natural stuff stays on longer and looks more attractive.
Keep ’em Wet:
This is quite obvious, dry stuff never looks attractive. The skin of your lips contains a small amount of sebum (an oil), you must keep your lips moisturized if you want them to stay healthy and therefore pink. When going outside, try applying a bit of petroleum jelly or lip balm and if you are inside, use some coco butter. If you want your lips to be soft and pink, you must keep them moisturized.
Apply Cucumber Juice:

Another great way to reduce any darkness on your lips is to apply a bit of cucumber juice. Simply slice a cucumber, rubbing it against your lips to allow the juices to soak on. If you do this for five minutes each day, you can lighten dark lips to a beautiful pink color.
Massage with Lemon Juice:
This requires lemon and some sugar. SHIKENA. Cut a thin slice from the lemon, sprinkling a bit of sugar on top and rub your lips with this combination each day. This works well because lemon works to naturally bleach your lips, returning them to their light, pink color while sugar works to exfoliate dead skin cells.
Exfoliate With Sugar Scrub:
This natural scrub works as an excellent lips exfoliant. Whereas the sugar helps in getting rid of unwanted dead skin cells present on your lips, the butter helps to improve the color and enhance gloss on your lips. Make a thick paste by mixing three spoons of sugar powder with two spoons of butter. Use this mixture as a scrub over your lips.

Honey is another natural home remedy to treat dark lips that have turned dark with age and external factors. Apply honey on all over your lips every night, let it dry and remain there overnight. It will not only lighten your lips, but also soften and give them a pink glow.
Try This: Mix 1 tbsp of honey, two tbsp of sugar and one tbsp of olive oil and rub on lips. Leave for sometime and then wipe off.

Completely remove make-up at night:
Leaving lip make-up on overnight can cause lips to become dried out and even discolored. Make sure to remove lipstick and lip liner with an effective make-up remover or cleanser before bed. If you run out of make-up remover, a little olive or almond oil on a cotton ball will effectively remove any lipstick or liner.
Stop Licking yo Lips!
Although your natural reaction may be to lick dry lips in order to moisten them, this can actually cause lips to become even more dry. As a result, you should avoid licking your lips whenever possible – try carrying around a small lip balm instead, so you can moisturize your lips whenever they feel dry.

Take Lots of Water And Vitamin C:

Drink lots of water and take juices with vitamin C as dehydration can also cause lack of luster on lips. Water or juices hydrates the body, nourishes the skin and aids new cell growth. Dry lips are also one of the signs that the body is not getting properly hydrated.
Vitamin E and Red Coloured Fruits:

Another perfect soft lips remedy is applying vitamin E on the lips before sleeping. These are available in form of tiny capsules. They help hydrate the lips making them soft.
Eat fruits and vegetables that are red in color. For example, Tomatoes, Strawberries as they help deposit the color in the skin making lips pink.

Easy on the Tea/ Coffee, People:

Some studies show that decreasing your tea and coffee intake might result in pink soft lips
Scrub with Toothbrush:
This simply entails scrubbing the lips with your toothbrush at night after brushing (make sure it is soft bristled to avoid injury) and this can do away with the chapped, dry skin that forms around the lips, making them appear fresh.
Remove Makeup Before Sleeping:

One of the most common reasons people have dull lips is because they don’t take off their makeup. That is why you should always remove it before bed. Simply put a bit of olive oil or almond oil on a cotton ball and rub your lips with it gently.
Quit Smoking!

Smoking can be one of the main reasons your lips might be dark and dull. Because of that, one of the best home remedies for pink lips is to find a way to quit smoking. I don’t need to tell you all the health benefits that accompany quitting but here’s a plus; you could get the lips of your dreams.

So there you have it folks. Try just one or two of these and see yourself turn into a dream. Please stay healthy.


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