Key Points on Diabetes; Protect your Future.

So today is the world diabetes day. Lol, we aren’t celebrating the disease, it’s just a day we take out to sensitize people on the menacing nature of the disease, so you don’t end up on our consulting table in your 50’s and 60’s. I advise you to indulge.

Theme: Healthy Eating Begins With Breakfast.
*Diabetes affects about 382 Million people are affected by diabetes yearly.
*Diabetes is an accumulation of unhealthy lifestyle over tym, so b sure dt ice cream, pizza and fries wldd b bk to haunt u much l8a, hehehe
*The three main types of diabetes are:
1.) Type 1 diabetes ( Juvenile onset)
2.) Type 2 Diabetes (Late Onset)
3.) Gestational diabetes
*Insulin is a hormone which let’s glucose into the cells of the body for use as energy.
*Diabetes occurs primarily when the Beta cells of the islet of langerhans of the pancreas are damaged or cannot produce insulin.
*Type 2 diabetes occurs when the cells of the body “resists” insulin or the pancreas gets “tired” of producing sufficient insulin for use by the body.

*Excess sugars are left to roam the blood andd wreck havoc to the cells.

*Symptoms of Diabetes Include: Oligo uria (excess urination,) Polyphagia (excessive hunger), tremors, parasthesia, fatigue, late healing of wounds,male sexual dysfunction, weight gain, unusual weight loss.

*Type 2 Diabetes sufferers need to eat healthy and be physically aactive, and test their blood glucose regularly. They may also need to take oral glucose and insulin regularly.

*As the risk of CvDs are much higher for diabetics, it is crucial that blood cholesterol and pressure levels are monitored caarefully.

*Complications include kidney disease, heart problems, impotence, amputation, retinopathy, death.

*There is no cure to diabetes. Only diet therapy and management.

*There is absolutely no NATURAL food that should be avoided by the diabetic

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