This is for those broke ones like me that may not be able to afford a dentist appointment for a teeth bleaching. Here are some valid, affordable home remedies to that brown/yellow teeth (as the case may be). Your sparkling dentition is just inches away from grasp.
well, these first group of tips i’m going to recommend only when an immediate need for a bright smile is imminent. It has been widely publicized and advocated but their risks on persistent use are as well obvious.

1.) Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide: make this mixture into a paste and use to brush the teeth. Baking soda is a wonderful cleaning agent and hydrogen peroxide is an anti-bacterial agent that works great to keep the teeth and gum clean and germ free. Make sure this mixture is runny and not gritty to minimize enamel loss.
Warning: Baking soda is acidic and on continuous use can erode the enamel and gums.

2.) Apple Cider Vinegar: This makes aalot of sense, especially for nicotine and coffee.. Itt works excellently. But it takes at least a month to see its wonders.
Warning: it’s acidic nature spells doom for the teeth, therefore after use, be sure to brush with preferably a non-flouride tooth paste or rinse the mouth out really well.

3.) Straw berry treatment (lol, not for we in Naija anyway): I found out strawberries contained malic acid which does wonders for the teeth. Just rubbing it on the teeth alone . Mixed with baking soda too is awesome and would work just after two days of usage
Warning: malic acid (being an acid) would destroy the enamel as well if used for too long a period.

These are much safer but may take a longer time
1.) Fruits and Vegetables: This is the one millionth reason to eat ur veggies. Research shows that eating nuts, raw carrots, apples and cauliflower can help keep the teeth clean by removing surface stains andd plaques that lead to cavities.

2.) Hydrogen Peroxide: Bleaching the teeth with hydrogen peroxide is acknowledged by the American Dental Association to be safe and hygienic. Brush with hydrogen peroxide and your toothpaste once a week or mix with equal quantity of water and use in rising the mouth.

3.) Lemon Juice and Hydrogen Peroxide: Squeeze half a lemon or lime and mix with a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide, dab with aa cotton swab and apply on teeth thoroughly. Leave for a minute and brush. Don’t leave too long because the acidic nature of the lemon/lime could wear away your precious pearly whites.

4.) Coconut oil Pulling: Simply put a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swish between your teeth for 5-20 minutes or add to ur brush and tooth paste when brushing. As coconut has anti-microbial properties, it’d be good for your gum as well.

5.) Activated Charcoal: Charcoal is very powerful. (an article on this is underway). Charcoal has the ability to pull out stains, bacteria and toxins from the mouth. It is quite safe and takes at most three days to give u that dashing smile u desire. Please endeavour not to ingest.. at least not too much.
So there, after much research here are tips to give you that heart warming charm u desire on ur lips. Hope this has been helpful. 
Have a smileful week!


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