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A Lot has been said about beer; it’s effect on the liver, brain, heart and it’s relevance in diabetes, liver cirrhosis e.t.c. When taken in moderation, beer possesses some health benefits. For instance, beer which is naturally made up of hops, malted barley, water and yeast has a number of anti-oxidants and vitamins that can help prevent heart disease and rebuild the muscle. Beer also contains alcohol which has the second highest energy content (7kCal) of any food or drink. Barley is very rich in B vitamins includin niacin which helps in conversion of food to energy as well as riboflavin for healthy skin, hair, blood aand brain.. It does not stop there!

1.) Promotes Good Cholesterol: A beer a day may help keep heart disease away. Alcohol raises levels of “good” HDL cholesterol and has anti-clotting effects, which keeps blood vessels clear and healthy. Israeli researchers found that people who drank one beer daily had lower levels of fibrinogen, a protein that helps promote clotting, thereby reducing the risk of thrombosis.

2.) Healthier Kidneys: Researchers found out that men who indulged in one beer per day had a 40% lower risk of having kidney disease. This may be as a result of beers’ high water content.

3.) Alcohol intake may protect blood vessels in the brain and also lower the risk of stroke, Researchers say. While excessive alcohol intake can cause irreparable brain damage, moderate daily consumption actually safe guards a sharp mind. 

4.) Lower Cancer Risk: Beers health benefit isn’t limited to those who drink it. Marianating steak in your favorite brew could eliminate up to 88% of the carcinogens that form as a result of pan frying meat, according to a Portuguese study.

Moderation is Key:
I figured that because beer is not pure alcohol, it could bear healthful properties. And just as too much of everything is fatal, over indulgence is dangerous. If over taken, it could take a toll on health, contributing to liver damage, cancers, heart problems and more. Alcoholics tend to have a high level of the hormone epinephrine and low blood magnesium and thiamin. This combination of deficiencies and abundance spells doom for the heart as it can cause arrhythmia. Beer and alcohol could exacerbate certain health problems such as cancers, gout and high tryglycerides.
The daily recommended allowance for beer is two for men and one for women.
Remember I said BEER not kai-kai or ogogoro.
 Have a healthy sunday!

Moderation is Key:


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