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Okay, well everybody knows the creamy, rich
and delicious fingers of joy are abundant in vitamin B6 and a good
source of manganese, vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, biotin, and
copper. I however went into an in-depth search of further findings as to how the yellow beauties help maintain health and here is what I found:

1.) According to the latest Japanese Scientific Research, a full ripe
banana with dark patches on the yellow skin produces a substance known
as TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) which has the ability to combat abnormal
cells. The darker the patches it has, the higher the immunity
enhancement quality; hence the riper the banana, the better the
anti-cancer quality!. A yellow skin banana with dark spots on it is 8
times more effective in enhancing the property of white blood cells than
a green skinned version.
Eating just one banana a day increases immunity!
2.) The unique mix of vitamins, minerals, and low glycemic
carbohydrates in bananas has made them a favorite fruit among endurance
athletes.Bananas have long been valued by athletes for prevention of
muscle cramps. Since bananas are a good source of potassium, and since
low potassium levels are known to contribute to risk of muscle cramps,
it is logical to think about the potassium content of bananas as being
the reason for fewer muscle cramps after consumption of bananas.
*This high potassium content also has cardiovascular benefits.
2.) A second type of cardiovascular benefit from bananas involves their
sterol content. While bananas are a very low-fat food (less than 4% of
their calories come from fat), one type of fat that they do contain in
small amounts are sterols like sitosterol, campesterol, and
stigmasterol. As these sterols look structurally similar to cholesterol,
they can block the absorption of dietary cholesterol. By blocking
absorption, they help us keep our blood cholesterol levels in check.

3.) Taking just one finger of banana provides enough energy for an
intense 90 minute work out!, no wonder it’s soo sweet; it’s packed full
of calories.

4. Bananas contain Resistant Starch which helps make you full easily and helps with metabolism.

Bananas could reduce your appetite.

How To Enjoy:
In addition to being eaten raw, bananas are a wonderful addition to a variety of recipes from salads to baked goods.
* A peanut butter and banana sandwich drizzled with honey is an all-time favorite comfort food for children and adults alike.
*Add chopped bananas, walnuts and maple syrup to oatmeal or porridge.
You could actually make a purely natural banana flavored ice-cream with
mashed bananas, skimmed milk and chocolate flavor. Yummy, try it!

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