You may
not know this but just as there are foods and nutrients that boost
immune functions and the bodies resistance to diseases, there are also
those that break down and militate against quick response to diseases
and foreign body.

1.) Refined Sugar: Sugar has been vilified by the health community for good reason. It is a zero nutrient substance that has been linked
to corroding the teeth and even the brain!. A high blood sugar level
greatly reduces the
ability of germ fighting white blood cells to kill
bacteria and viruses. It is advisable to therefore substitute candy,
cookies and soda for less refined, more complex and high fiber
counterparts such as brown rice, lentils, garri which stabilize blood
sugar levels and leaves the immune system.

2). Fatty Food: LOL, there are many
reasons to eliminate fried food from your diet and here is another;
Researchers found out that obesity and high-fat diets “depress host
resistance to infectious diseases and apparently influence
susceptibility to some forms of cancer”.

3) Alcohol: Relax,
you don’t have to give up the occasional glass of red wine, but
researchers urge casual drinkers to reduce their indulgence during flu
season. Studies have proven that excess alcohol may lead to immune
deficiency and increased susceptibility to certain diseases.. Experts
define one drink ( 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine or one ounce of
hard liquor) will nor disrupt immune function, but three or more drinks
Taking these items once in a while or moderately won’t give
you an immune deficiency syndrome, but loading your diet with them would
make you much more susceptible to invasion from foreign bodies. Just
thought you should know though.

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